Что важнее, СИЛА или СКОРОСТЬ?

I will explain why you are here take the blue pill and the fairy tale end red pill you enter wonderland hello people today in this video I want to talk with you about how important is strength and speed for a jump let’s go before starting this video I would like to know your opinion which Morpheus pill would you take? which will increase your strength or speed write about it in the comments it is very interesting to know your opinion and so which of these two factors is more important actually starting from facts and personal experience power indicators grow much faster and more willing than speed, for example, if at the beginning of his sports career in could sitting with a weight of 60 kg is quite possible you can increase this result to 120 kg but if you ran 100m in 13 seconds, then no this way you cannot reduce this time to 6.5 seconds therefore, its initial strength indicators can increase by 2, 3 or even 4 times but you can increase speed by 0.1 0.01 or even 0.001
and therefore without thinking at morpheus I would take a pill that increases speed and would ask for one more
now we turn to the question of how you can increase speed while maintaining power indicators power formula is expressed as force times acceleration therefore, it doesn’t matter which of these variables you will increase overall your explosive strength should increase some of the best jumpers on the planet who are not recognized purposefully by the development of the jump it weightlifters, since most of the time they work on explosive force therefore, jumping from a place in length and height it’s really very hard to compete with them, but as soon as we ask to jump high with a run we will immediately understand what specifically the disadvantage of this type of training the whole problem is that their explosive force is directed vertically up and in order to compete and beat world records they sometimes have to sacrifice such parameters mobility and speed for game sports, these two parameters are very important and if they are not given proper attention, this may result in personal injury. I recently returned from Moscow and no longer plan to leave the walls of my home finally I can do my strengths and in order to competently recover I bought sports nutrition in Myprotein online store
in the description for this video You can find all the supplements that I purchased with a short description what exactly are they for as well as on the site only today you can get an additional discount in my personal promotional code «EGORP» so if you were waiting for the right moment then this is it I will leave all the information in the description for this video returning to the topic of the video I want to tell how you can increase your strength indicators on a personal example since I always had a very thin physique it was hard for me to work with heavy weights so at the beginning of my journey I worked for 10-12 reps since there was no person next to me who could tell how can one progress at all I started from the fact that I started to work with a certain weight for 10-12 repetitions, as soon as I understood that I have already mastered the technique and understand perfectly how does this exercise work and I can freely do 10 sets of 10 reps with minimal rest, I started to increase weight while I tried to maintain the speed of these exercises for example, at my first workout in the gym I was able to reap about 70kg on the Hack simulator a few years later I was able to increase this figure to 500kg by itself I did not become 7 times stronger here is a very important indicator that I had absolutely no technics since initially had no idea how to do the exercise having mastered more technique exercises I could push 110kg for 10 reps in 10 sets and in a few years I was able to reach 350kg for 10 reps in 10 sets Of course, I haven’t trained so regularly. the main task was to prepare the body for those weights with which it did not work before
so if you have not previously experienced with some of the simulators, it is advisable to start doing in it all for 10 reps as soon as you are sure that you have mastered this exercise can reduce reps and increase weights in order to work to increase their strength indicators most athletes work in the range of 4 to 6 reps I in order to increase my speed performance it is necessary to reduce weight in the same exercise and try to increase speed at the same time do it all without prejudice to technology to understand the whole picture, I want to launch a new section in which I will work out in the gym and show and tell everything on my own example also on my channel in the playlists section you can always find the information you need broken down into categories well, before you finish watching this video write in the comments which morphius pill you would choose and if you wrote it at the very beginning of the video but your opinion has changed after watching it please write it under your comment I hope this video was useful to you, if it really is then do not forget to like this video and subscribe to the channel if you have not subscribed my name is Egor Pupynin good luck to all
see you soon